I live for the punchline.
There is power in controlling one’s narrative, and tragedy can be turned into a dangerous kind of comedy. I am consumed by the potential of the manifestations and transformations of melancholia into the field of art as a form of alchemical catharsis. My work is grounded in the autobiographical narrative in which there is no assured safety of a story told in retrospect; alluded to is a precipice and a practice which explores my passage along it. The success of the work is contingent on the balance of harrowing setup and absurd apogee; this is where my work intersects with comedy. I make it clear that I am in on the joke, that I walk this line with a deliberate irreverence. 

When you laugh, I know I have you.

JULIA MARTIN holds a BFA in Photography Studies from Ryerson University in Toronto, and an MFA from the University of Ottawa. She currently lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. 


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